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Pronounced "Slaw" but spelled "Sla"
A word used to describe a feeling, usually negative.
Girl 1: "Sorry I'm going to have to back out of tonight... I have to do laundry"

Guy 1: "Sla..."
by Incudie January 21, 2008
20 7
This is used to define an agreement between a service provider and a company.
SLA stands for Service Level Agreement
by Daws April 03, 2009
171 30
Swing Life Away
yo dude, what do you want to do tomorrow? SLA baby, SLA.
by joninjapan August 31, 2012
13 2
Symbionese Liberation Army A gang that originated in San Francisco, but later moved to Los Angeles. Famous for the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst. They had views about urban guerilla warfare and considered themselves a revolutionary vanguard group. They committed two murders, and bank robberies, and had an intense two hour shoot out with police. This all happened from 1972-1975. The SLA no longer exists.
"That SLA shootout was intense. I saw it on the discovery channel"
by Matazaron December 06, 2007
14 6
Super Loose Ass. A person has a very large rectal cavity from an excessive amount of anal sex. Can be either a male or female.
Some guys or girls have a SLA.
by Pancho Jones July 03, 2006
22 14
SLA= Slightly awkward answer; (adj.,v.,n. etc.)------> A quick way of getting out of those tight spot awkward situations when texting. Another stupid, senseless abbreviation to add to your neverending arsenal of stupid, senseless abbreviations.
Alexa: Like, what do you mean?
Steve: You're stupid!
Alexa: Smh, SLA. G2g, ttyl!
by Jaytess November 23, 2010
2 1
To see you later. "Goodbye". Height of laziness
Me: "Goodbye Gibby you mooyang"

Gibby: "Sla ya fud"
by Sam Cairns February 28, 2005
10 9