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A trash rag found in the seat pockets of many major airlines in America. Provided solely for the purpose of mindless entertainment. Anyone that actually considers, or partakes in purchasing any items from this magazine could be called an inane fucknut.
(x_x) : Fuck dude! The lavatory is out of toilet paper.

(^_^) : No worries, take this skymall!
by johnredcorn October 25, 2009
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when something is overly extravagant or expensive, simply for the cause of being overly extravagant or expensive. Derived from the items found in the Sky Mall catalogue found on most commercial airlines.
Carl: You see Steves new car? He put rims, ground effects, a body kit AND hater vision on it!

Mike: Yeah man... that shits Sky Mall.
by Dancendiary January 04, 2010
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