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Super legit person with a sexy body. and nice muscles. He is tan and tall. Amazingly hot. Extremely nice. freakin great at kissing! the sweetest guy you will ever meet. Skyler is special. If you have the pleasure of being with one, don't let him get away.
1. Oh look at you, you're like a Skyler!
by lolpwned! October 20, 2009
The most perfect, intellectual, and prettiest girl you will ever meet. they can turn your day from the worst ever to the best in a matter of seconds. just the touch of her skin can drive a man crazy. Skyler's often are prepared for the future and will do anything to succeed in life. there talented, a great artist, singer, dancer, lover and so much more. Quite possibly the sexiest girl you will ever meet.

They are often at times quite and like to be alone but once your with one you'll never ever want to let them go. they have perfect brown hair, and a perfect smile that can make a man drop to his knees. this girl typically falls in love once to a certain person so once you get her you cant let her go. this is my girl and I would not give her up for the world. I love you Skyler, Always and forever:)
Guy 1: Dude I just took this girl out the other day we went skating her name was Skyler.

Guy 2: Woah! dude I hear those girls are hard to come by you better never let her go.
by evyandsky July 03, 2012
Skyler is an awesome person who is just well awesome.They usally are very sexy,and guy/woman love them.Its also a very cool name.
Wow! Skyler is AWESOME!!!
by superubercool January 06, 2010
The most amazing boyfriend in the world. Super cute and sweet and has a big heart :] Hes the ideal boyfriend and ill love him forever <3
Skyler is the best boyfriend I've ever had<333
by SUUP3R J3NN@! April 19, 2009
a pretty girl with a great personality, she puts her friends before herself, caring, sweet, shy at first, loyal, faithful in relationships, usually has brown eyes, sometimes second guesses herself, hates being alone, she would rather spend her time with friends or boyfriend, then be in school or studying, outgoing, very generous,
wow, that girl is so outgoing!

yep, thats skyler!
by 12-12-2012 August 29, 2010
Skyler is an athletic guy and everybody loves him. He is short but strong and is rarely in a bad mood. Skyler cares about his friends and his family more than himself and you are a lucky person if you get the pleasure of having him in your life. He can be shy but when he is around his friends he is really outgoing. Skyler is funny and he cares about the people (especially the girls) in his life even if he doesn't always show it.
You're such a Skyler!
by katis14 October 22, 2011
a wise old man and a baby forever.
Grandpa John is such a skyler. He was so smart not to grow up.
by Melissa Miklos November 11, 2007
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