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A Skylark is a classic car made by Buick dating back to 1953. Realistically only Skylarks between 1964-1972 are worth talking about. Since they are the only years considered classics and popular to the younger generation of car enthusiasts of today. They were marketed as the gentlemen’s muscle car during the muscle wars of the 60’s – early 70’s. The most notable engine that landed in the skylark is the torque monster 455 in 1970. The 1970 GS version of the skylark with a 455 motor could pull a house down and backed down from nobody. Skylarks are built off the GM-A body frame same as the Chevelle, GTO, and Cutlass. Classic Skylarks aren’t too common on the road today, which makes seeing one worth remembering.
Fast with Class!
Simply put, a bad ass car.
by SoOldSchool June 10, 2005
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Slang for a homosexual male of average to high flamboyance. More loosely used for any Gay male. The term originated in Astoria, NY and quickly spread throughout the borough and into The Bronx. The term is not considered derogatory in nature and is often used as an insider word by the Homo-thug community.
Since Joe Just got snaked in the ass, I assume he is a Skylark.
by Chris Proce January 27, 2008

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