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A squirrel that's part of an evil conspiracy to conquer the Earth and manipulate Acorn supplies to their diabolical advantage.
If you see a skwerl, run for your life!
by Ross Archer March 13, 2003
A wonderful, adorable, cake eating rodent.
I heart skwerls!
by Degulishus March 03, 2010
someone who does things with wreckless abandon and little holds little regard to their own well-being while doing so.
He was driving like a skwerl the other night. It's a wonder he didn't kill himself
by Brian May 05, 2004
a squirrel with a laptop
skwerls sure can make those beats.
by ratster July 10, 2003
A misspelling of the fuzzy, fluffy, wonderful rodent we all know and love.
That skwerl is so cute.
by Skwerl November 11, 2004