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The legendary monster of Colorado with a hand of celery, a leg of Patrick Duffy, and a penchant for weaving baskets.
by Shawn Curran October 27, 2003
Basket weaving monster that has a piece of celary for a hand and Patrick Duffy for a leg.
Oh my God, It's skuzzlebutt!!
by Hamaien Ocksmaed August 09, 2003
1. The position of being ones he-bitch.

2. One who has a leaky anal region after feirce anal sex.

3. One who has/has had relations with a member of the Butler family.

4. Someone who is frowned upon or shunned in society.

1. Skuzzlebutts, hand me that soda!!

2. That bitch last night was a fuckin' skuzzlebutt!!!

3. Skuzzlebutt, stop fuckin' Big Rhonda and Slutty Sydney!!

4. I hate that skuzzlebutt Mujtiba, he eats dogs..
by dave and drew July 06, 2006
the bombest dog ever
skuzzle butt is the bombest dog ever
by cris December 20, 2003