Someone who is beyond annoying; someone who "rattles your chains" purposefully to get a negative or hostile reaction. A devilish person who tests another's patience TO THE LIMIT !
A younger brother can be a skutch to his angelic, PERFECT sister in order to drive her CRAZY with rage --- so that She will get blamed for losing her temper in the presence of her parents. When the parents are not looking, the DEVILISH brother will then smile at his sister, thinking "Gotcha !"
by Bob Ray Beatty December 28, 2006
Top Definition
a brat. to be annoying. an ill-mannered child or immature person.
quit being a skutch and stop bothering everyone.
by meely November 12, 2005
Skutch (rhymes with "butch") is NOT an ebonics word (don't know where they got that idea from) and definitely does NOT mean "slut" or anything like it. It means "pest" and has been used for several generations by Italian-Americans. It comes from the Italian word, "scocciare" (pron. skoh-CHA-reh)which means "to bother or annoy".
"Stop botherin' me, ya skutch!"
by Jon Blake November 07, 2003
A true gentleman's game, in which two or more people use a vehicle (depending on the version being played) and a blunt weapon (primarily baseball bats, but cricket bats are acceptable) to bludgeon deer for sport. Then they proceed to go about or at speeds greater than 50 miles per hour, when one sees the deer in question. Then. One (or two individuals), preferably the one('s) holding the blunt weapon, proceeds to lean out of the vehicle being operated (one would hope skillfully) to bring them into bludgeoning range. Then the individuals with the blunt weapons proceed to bludgeon the animal upside its head. There are variations on this game, for example, Green Skutch (off-road skutch, but a trifle more aggressive) or Sledge skutch (which is even more aggressive than Green skutch) or Buck Skutch (similar to strip poker, only skutch) and last but not least...competitive skutch (played by two or more teams, usually a slightly more complicated version of green skutch). It should be noted that the name of this true gentlemen's game comes from the sound of deer antlers skidding along road of some nature.
Announcer-y voice: Welcome to the Semi-annual competitive buck skutch tournament!! Ryan seacrest and ron white here, ready to comment on every bit of this often times brutal but gentlemenly sport!! Now to our guest, Billy joe, how did you lose your arm?

Billy Joe: I lost it in a local competitive buck skutch game in Ohio, which was kind of really cool cuz they let me keep it.

The announcer: Keep your arm or the deer?

Billy joe laughs: Both!!
by Billy Bob Joe Tipsy March 09, 2014
gayest word ever, only Staff Sergeant Valdes Arch Duke of Whales would use
"B your such a skutch"
by jukebox-hero March 26, 2010
A person who is a combination of dumb and incompentant.
That pledge is such a skutch for not knowing the greek alphabet.
by Logara February 28, 2010
Another work for skank, but nastier. There were two men's magazines in the 60's called 'skank' and 'skutch.' Both featured chunky 20 something white broads with big saggy titties, bleach blond hair, red lips and nails, and a cigarette.
Uh, dat one nasty skutch, can smell her through the TV.
by wheaty May 25, 2005
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