A synonym for "cool".
Emily #1: That is so skut!
Emily #2: Flarpin skut!
by Man Baby February 24, 2009
a word you call your friends when your to drunk to spell slut...it comes out SKUT
"lace you are not a skut"

"my roomates are very skutty!"
by Missyouwish September 28, 2009
a skeezy little slut who puts out and trys too hard to be hott

a combination of "skeeze" and "slut"
That girl is such a skut. Shes just flashing her shit around like she owns this place. What a fake.
by wangtangytang July 13, 2006
a word used to desribe a young lady that is the combination of a slut and skank
That ashley sure is a skut
by alliev July 03, 2006
a legendary eater of souls thought to reside somewhere in the midwest; possesing the qualities of someone who is totally awesome
Wow, did you just see Skut rip apart the other team single-handedly?
by Skut April 10, 2006

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