a skanky slut
sup skut

and dood ffs i made this word up ages ago and thats the real meaning bitchtits steal my word
by kc.. April 15, 2010
(v)(adj) The binomial combination of a skank and a slut
Guy 1: Man check out that girl!
Guy 2: Stay away from that she has ben skutting it up around campus!
by Justin P$$ March 11, 2008
Both a Skank and a Slut, together in one. Originated and made popular when mistyping out the word "slut" and hitting the K on the keyboard, instead.

Also see skore (skank + whore).
Katy Perry is the biggest skut in the music industry I know. Even moreso than that skore, Gaga.
by Mcheetah September 14, 2012
A girl that is a mix between a skank and a slut.
Damn I thought I was going to go home alone till this nasty ass skut jumped on my shit.
by mc shannon September 28, 2010
not a slut, not a skeezer but better yet a combination of the two!
"Dude I walked in on Mike getting head from that skut bitch Michelle"

Jesus, Stacey is such a skut, she fucked three guys last night at one time
by VirginiaHonkies June 15, 2010
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