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Its just a random word that you can use whenever you feel like it. It usually replaces exclamations like, Yeah, or Dude.

Also pronounced like "Scur", but spelled "Skur"

Originally created by Smurf
Dude i just got Halo Reach

by jabrilli October 10, 2010
a word to describe a person that usually doesn't think with their head. some synonyms would be: wigger, stupid, slut, someone who tries to hard and needs to just act like themselves. a pushover, someone who doesn't care what their boyfriend smokes, someone who thinks they can get away with anything. a word to describe someone who needs to act more intelligent, like everyone knows they can be. basically this word can mean whatever you want it to.
You are a freaking skur!
You skur!
Sometimes you remind me of a freaking skur!
by Ashlee Fuller December 18, 2006

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