A cunt that smells like a skunk.
Victim: Dude, I can't get this skunt smell off my fingers.
Friend: You need tomato juice to get that off.
by CaptainSwass December 04, 2012
A girl with Skanky highlights and slutty tendencies.
Yo, that girl is a skunt, looks like a skunk died on her head and left the smell behind.
by Bobby Edwards October 01, 2006
mix of skank and cunt, but dramatically more profane/offensive/funny/insulting. used to describe girls that exhibit whoreish tendancies.
"look at the whore. she put out really easily!"
"oh thats katie baumgart. i know, shes such a skunt!!"
by helmut baumgart June 20, 2006
1.)(noun) a term meaning a vagina that produces an extremely foul odor, which often smells similar to that of a skunk.

2.)(adjective) a term used to describe a woman or group of women that have an active sexual life, synonyms: skanks, hoes, sluts, etc.
1.) Hey, could you smell that skunt after that chick walked by?

2.) Wow, that was the biggest skunt I ever saw.
by SlayerC May 10, 2008
the combnation of skank and cunt
a stank ass cunt
hey, you see that skunt over there?
i was kickin it with kim last night, she was a SKUNT!
by Jordoon February 18, 2008
The word scunt (when spelt with a c) is a shorter version of the phrase sloppy cunt. However when spelt with k, skunt than bcomes a combination of two words, skunk and cunt, implying that a skunt is a skunk like cunt or smelly pussy.
Man that girls scunt was really hairy

Man that bitch had a skunt that could be smelled from a mile away
by IAN THE WISE January 07, 2007
Sk-u-nT = def'n:

1) pertaining to a female commonly referred to as a cunt and skank at the same time.

2) A derogitory term for a female skank who is acting like a dumb cunt.
Ex 1) My (ex) girlfriend spent the night at a friend's house and sucked the fuker off, FUCKING DUMB SKUNT!!

Ex 2) My (ex) girlfriend went and fucked 3 of my friends, fucking SKUNT needs to learn to keep her legs closed.
by Paranoid501 March 31, 2006
(Skunt; Skunted, Skuntess, Skuntist) A generally male used term to describe his fellow peers, associating them with the skunk like reak of a womans "Yoooowhoooow"(vagina), impying that the (abused) individuals body odor is of some comparission to the "Skunt" STANK!
Those stanky skunts...That fucking skunt!...What a bunch of skunts...
by SEABITE January 28, 2008
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