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The stinkiest fucking bitches crack you ever were unfortunate enough to encounter after having had too much alcohol.
I threw up on her hairy tits after she pulled her knickers down and I caught a wiff of her skunk pussy.
by zygmund December 08, 2003
any low life infestation ( gutter rats )
by Anonymous August 16, 2003
Female you wouldn't touch with a barge-pole. Slut. Whore.

Possibly a prostitute, crack-head, shoplifter or some other filthy low-life that wouldn't bother washing her fanny (not that i've got anything against these types of people you understand).

Made famous by Robert de niro in taxi driver.
Punter: 'How much for CIM?'

Streetgirl: '£15'

Punter: 'How much to sniff your minge?'

Streetgirl: 'Er, I've just had 3 truckers gangbang me bareback, so you'll probably want to avoid that whole area!'

Punter: 'Nice one....I love sloppy seconds, how much to eat you out?'

Streetgirl: 'Er, it'll be extra since you're into it!'

Punter: 'You fucking skunkpussy !!!! ....oh go on then."
by iainus maddismus December 18, 2006
a derogative term for a woman who has no standards whatsoever when it comes to "bedtime activities" these types of women also lack any kind of morales, and think they were put on earth to solely satisfy their heightened sexual needs.
Look at Jane over there, she has had 4 different men this week, what a skunk pussy.
by hairy scary mary June 02, 2009
Vagina that smells really bad after having alot of sex.
Jessie it is starting to smell like skunk-pussy up in here. Close your legs!!!!
by Tang_Masters December 07, 2008
Really bad smelling pussy after having alot of sex.
Jessie close your legs it is starting to smell like SKUNK-PUSSY up in here!!!!
by Tang_Masters December 05, 2008
the kind of situation that you find yourself in when you are going down on a fat retarded woman who has not walked or washed since the first nasa exploration
last weekend.
by Anonymous July 03, 2003

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