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A single or group of fruit which has obviously surpassed it's acceptable freshness point.

A rotten kumquat, attributable to all rotten fruit groups.
That bunch of grapes looked pretty good a couple of days ago, but I'm pretty sure this mess is nothing more than a bunch of skumquat.
by deaconsbench March 18, 2011
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A rare breed of hybrid alien/ghost also known as the Lock-Neck Monster. Widower of Vanessa. Fond of jar-opening vocals and pumpkins in Fall. The actual season of Fall it despises. Turned on by cuteness, mostly in plush form, misery and the fingers of Nurse Tickle. Can often be found hunched over maps, pounding surfaces with its fist or whoring itself for laughs. Eschews sob stories and hobbies. Can only express emotion in the form of humor. Occasionally manifests as Manic Clown. If this happens all around it will soon be destroyed.
"What's that grey mass huddled in the corner, shaking and giggling and pounding its hip?"
"Oh, that's just Skumquat."
by Little_M November 02, 2012
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