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cheers; word used when cheering
a toast to this night
The outlook is rosy
The future is bright
Our children will marry
Our kingdoms unite!
Skumps! Skumps! Skumps!
-Sleeping Beauty
by sleeping beauty December 07, 2006
n. a word used to cheer or toast something; an exclamation; a cheer during a toast
A toast to this night!
The outlook is rosy,
The future is bright,
Our children will marry,
Our kingdoms unite,
Skumps! Skumps! Skumps!

A toast to the home!
One grander by far than a palace in Rome!
Ah, let me fill up your glass, that last was all foam!
Skumps! Skumps! Skumps!"
-Disney's Sleeping Beauty
by TibsisTops March 20, 2009
When you take a dump and you flush it and the remnants stick to the toilet as well as leave rings around the bowl.

Also, a drinking song in the disney movie sleeping beauty.
" I just skumped the bowl"
by thom sounder May 19, 2008
an animate object that consistently exhibits minor to moderate utility, but extremely annoying behavior
dude, you're a skump!
cause you're more trouble than your worth!
by hunter-killer April 07, 2011
Skump is short for "skateboard pump", since skateboard pumping and longboard-skateboard technology has rapidly advanced since the 1970's - along with those changes is a new breed of distance-pumping skateboarder.

Skump sessions can be casual 5- to 10- mile pump cruises on flat bike / rollerblading trails, or a 26-mile all-out marathon, where a gyrating, pumping motion is the primary means for moving the skateboard forward!

Check out for articles, videos, and current information on this growing niche of skateboard pumping.
To skump endlessly, is to reach nirvana. -Mahatma Gandhi
by James Peters April 19, 2006
- Noun

1. a.k.a. "Skeet-no-pump"

2. A failed pump-skeet, in which the skeet has ejaculated from the man or woman's penis before or at the time of the first pump

ex. "Jack's skump cost him any future relationships he could have had with that other young man, who was heavily turned off by skumps."

3. Also used as the term for the skeet that has resulted from the skump.

ex. "Jordan's no-pump-skeet got skump all over Francesca's prom dress the moment she opened the door. Her father was unimpressed by the whole skump debacle."

- Verb

1. To ejaculate prematurely from the balls without a full pump

ex. (past tense) "It was supposed to be a clean pump-pump skeet-skeet, but the moment she first tried to pump he immediately skumped in her hair."

2. To fail at something quickly and miserably

"Since Tony was prone to skumping, he would skump out with girls often, who were all afraid of his skump skumping into their faces"

2. A double-wicket home-hitter double-deuce in the great game of cricket

ex. "The Irish badgers were close to skumping the great game against India until John McCloud managed to pull a skump"
Skump, skumping, skumped, skumpachino, skump sandwich, skumptious, skumpy, skumptastic, skumpulous, skumpular, skump pie
by Pro Skumper. November 23, 2010
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