Putting your 18 wheela in the mouth and Vigorously taking it in and out in attempt to punish the person.
Maaaan when I found out that bitch had cheated on me I Skully the shit out of her.
by Speedy & Veterano August 17, 2004
Top Definition
A thick cap without the fold.

A beanie.
He was rockin' the ill skully.
by crash February 25, 2004
slang for blow job, or more proper, oral sex
That girl gave me a hella good skully last night.
by Anonymous October 01, 2003
a hat or no brim black wool cap
my skully is tight on my head
by adam March 19, 2005
slang for a woman giving a man oral sex
Cutty #1- Damn, Nicole gives some good ass skully!
Cutty #2- I know, she even lick the balls and swallow too!
by Kenny Peters February 07, 2007
getting drunk, wasted, shit faced, mopped, etc.
We got skully at the bar last night.
by ggoorrddoo July 23, 2010
The Oldest of MvC's Triplets. He has the most accounts of the 3, only 2 of them are currently active. His real name is Nick, and has the greatest girlfriend ever. He is sorta into debating like his younger self, Chibi, but is more into Literature and Music. he was the second to turn Angelic, and is the Angel of Death, Love, Life, and Knowledge. You can mainly tell its him since he mostly talks about his awesome girlfriend. someday he hopes to get her to join MvC and help him and his brothers rule the site. He is an okay signature maker, and is pretty damn awesome
OMG Skully Whaza
by Skully the Dogg March 29, 2009
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