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skull- 'et

A skullett is the stupid bald man's hopeless (& more hideous) version of the dumbass redneck's mullett.

Long and stringy in back, chrome dome up top. Nothing left to comb-over.
If you want to see a skullett in its natural habitat, go to any NASCAR event and enjoy...only don't make fun, as he usually only has an 8th grade education and is very drunk and has lost his ability to reason, hence thinking the skullett is a cool hairstyle.
by philbad May 18, 2005
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A Mullett grown by a bald man, with long hair on the sides and bald pate on top.
Since Jethro went bald, he's grown a skullett!
by dutchpink June 05, 2010
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A hair-do where the top of the head is bald and hair at the back of the head is allowed to grow long.
1. Hulk Hogan with long hair at the back would have a skullett. 2. The guy with the skullett used to be Billy Ray Cyrus.
by Holly Madison September 12, 2007
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