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gettin fucked out of yur skull, smokin weed or gettin yur drank on its all good.
2 blunts of that purp and a 26 of grey goose and im SKULLED
by Tha Holy Chronic April 11, 2007
adj. -intoxicated with alchoal which impairs the physical and mental faculties of a person.
dude...ur brother was so skulled last night from all tha booze
by D Dizzle April 11, 2005
when a band remakes a classic acoustic/folk/otherwise not-heavy metal arranged song with heavy metal distortion
There's a skulled 'Hotel California' on the first Cult of Skulls album
by Justin_Sane July 11, 2010
1. A high level raiding guild on World of Warcraft server Gurubashi.
Zoaron invites you to join Skulled.
by Substitute September 19, 2006
to literally fuck a hoes face! or to describe somebody whos gutterd.
a)"oh dude somebody smashed ur car up! proper Skulled(gutterd)!" b) get a hoe on her knees, get ur piece out put ur thumbs in eyes, fingers in ears and rag her "skull" back and forth
by Gary L Brooker November 29, 2006
someone who is being made fun of or is caping on someone
1."bitch look like a hoe" man "oo! you just got sulled" other man.
2. Blood you just skulled him.
by B-Biatch November 13, 2003