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1) A musical track that plays at such an incredible volume or contains great enough bass that the listener's cranial region is shattered and/or pulverized whilst blood, grey matter, and other assorted materials gush out of every fissure created by the initial shockwave.
2) A combat maneuver that effectively replicates the aftereffects of the first definition.
3) A very fucking painful and forceful blowjob.
1) As soon as Jimmy started playing that heavy-ass skull crusher shit through his airplane headphones his brains fucking spewed all over my goddamn shirt, so now I have to go out to Wal-Mart and buy a brand new one. But I think I'll keep the old one as a memento.
2) Dude I though Brad was going to kick Jack's ass when that kid pulled off a skull crusher and splattered Brad's face all over the pavement, Jesus!
3) I gave my girlfriend a skull crusher last night, so she took off school today because she had a sore throat.
by LeagueOfLulz January 29, 2011
Similar to skull fucking yet rough to the point that life is jepordized and minor skull fractions may occur
Open up wide here comes the skull crusher!
by Mr. Tomness May 16, 2007
a man scarier than any forse on this earth. he was once forced to destroy a beach house toilet and wear a wife beater. also the father of lenza.
wow, skull crusher kicked down a house!
by Justin Hyde August 10, 2007
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