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Oh yea.. and folks be saying "Damn, I emptied whole clips at him and hit NOTHING BUT AIR." Skulker be 'the one' you KNOW it.
Skulker is l33t.
by Mofuxin White Boy April 03, 2003
1 2
is famous all female aussie rock band. skulker.com.aus
skulker they rock and worth to import their cds
by jazon May 29, 2005
7 3
l33t h4x0r - got it ON with your hot sister ( or mom ) last night. Represent all da crackaz who be perpetratin' da MAD SKILLZ!
Dat boy is SKULKER
by Mofuxin White Boy April 03, 2003
1 4
Pubic dreadlocks, particularly dirty ones.
That hippy girl has crazy skulkers
by Jugdish Rampu May 19, 2005
4 9