A skater kid/crust punk, baggy clothes, long unkempt hair. Smokes a ton of cigs and drinks PBR and carries Jaggermeister flasks in their back pockets. Often seen around Coffee shops in town without skateparks, often loud and unruly and hates cops and gets kicked outta places for being vulgar and drunk. Wears underground punk t-shirts and wears a lot of patches, backwards ironic mesh trucker hats.

A lot of teenagers in Superior, WI call cigarettes skuds
Who's all at the coffee shop?" "No one really, just a bunch of scene kids and some skuds.
by bytepsyze March 24, 2011
Blunt, or weed rolled in a cigar.
"Put a skud to my lip while you catch my spit, chip ya hip, bones rip when i flip this ish, u can LDB all damn day"
- Mac Dow / myspace.com/junglemob
by Kevin Macdonald July 15, 2006
A word used by the peasant underclass(aka chavs)to indicate they want a "go" on something. Often used before they then steal the said thing.
ah boi,gis a skud on your phone..i won't knick it!onest!
by Jesus January 30, 2005
A contraction of the words "what's" and "good", used to start a conversaton or just a way to say "hello". Spelled differently because some jackasses will try to pronounce "s'good" and it sounds dumb as hell.
"Skud folk?"
"S'good man?"
"WTF?!? You sound like a dumbass redneck fuck!"
"But skud wit ya homie?"
"Shit. Chillen."
by redskee March 11, 2010
Word used to describe a womans breasts.
Jesus, look at the skuds on that!!!
by Micky muppa May 25, 2007
When a penis is wider than it is long. They perform well in bed, though are virtually impossible to toss off effectively.
I tried to toss of your mum, but she had a skud. My hand couldn't fit around it. Stupid skud.
by Skud_hater April 23, 2005

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