1) A female that appears attractive from far away, but when seen closer is actually ugly; 2) A derogatory reference to someone or something
1) That girl was a skud; 2) I don't like those people, what a bunch of skuds.
by j_wag October 14, 2007
Blunt, or weed rolled in a cigar.
"Put a skud to my lip while you catch my spit, chip ya hip, bones rip when i flip this ish, u can LDB all damn day"
- Mac Dow / myspace.com/junglemob
by Kevin Macdonald July 15, 2006
A contraction of the words "what's" and "good", used to start a conversaton or just a way to say "hello". Spelled differently because some jackasses will try to pronounce "s'good" and it sounds dumb as hell.
"Skud folk?"
"S'good man?"
"WTF?!? You sound like a dumbass redneck fuck!"
"But skud wit ya homie?"
"Shit. Chillen."
by redskee March 11, 2010
A word used by the peasant underclass(aka chavs)to indicate they want a "go" on something. Often used before they then steal the said thing.
ah boi,gis a skud on your phone..i won't knick it!onest!
by Jesus January 30, 2005
When a penis is wider than it is long. They perform well in bed, though are virtually impossible to toss off effectively.
I tried to toss of your mum, but she had a skud. My hand couldn't fit around it. Stupid skud.
by Skud_hater April 23, 2005
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