A person who dresses nice because he/she is very ugly
Haha, shutup, you skub.
by Woowoo July 03, 2005
Top Definition
"Skub is just something bland and insignificant. Perhaps one of those novelty goops that were popular in the 90's, or a wax to make your turtle's shell smell like pine."
-Nicholas Gurewitch, creator of Skub
"Dude, were you using my skub?"
"No way man, I'm anti-skub."
by Dan Bronson August 02, 2006
Skub (n. v. adj. adv. pn.) - A political notion, idea, person, object, building, desire, sin, mythical creature, medication, lotion, governmental upheaval and/or reformation, action, description, or any combination or invention therein created and manipulated to inspire intense feelings towards no particular incarnation and, by proximity, others with opposing feelings.
Anti-Skub: "Skub is made from the tears of newborn puppies and kittens!"
Pro-Skub: "Skub increases life expectancy and makes you more attractive to women!"
Anti-Skub: "Skub is proven to cause erectile dysfunction in 80% of cases!"
by Lum4r June 09, 2007
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