A person who dresses nice because he/she is very ugly
Haha, shutup, you skub.
by Woowoo July 03, 2005
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"Skub is just something bland and insignificant. Perhaps one of those novelty goops that were popular in the 90's, or a wax to make your turtle's shell smell like pine."
-Nicholas Gurewitch, creator of Skub
"Dude, were you using my skub?"
"No way man, I'm anti-skub."
by Dan Bronson August 02, 2006
Skub (n. v. adj. adv. pn.) - A political notion, idea, person, object, building, desire, sin, mythical creature, medication, lotion, governmental upheaval and/or reformation, action, description, or any combination or invention therein created and manipulated to inspire intense feelings towards no particular incarnation and, by proximity, others with opposing feelings.
Anti-Skub: "Skub is made from the tears of newborn puppies and kittens!"
Pro-Skub: "Skub increases life expectancy and makes you more attractive to women!"
Anti-Skub: "Skub is proven to cause erectile dysfunction in 80% of cases!"
by Lum4r June 09, 2007

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