Prescript or prescription, the doctor that gives you the golden ticket for medical weed.
How are you from minneapolis and I live in California, and you got me a skrimp for prescription sticky buddha ganja kush?
by kap10george December 13, 2011
means whatever you want it to mean. However, specifically means having sex.
Kor was gettin' some skrimp last night.
by Skrimpalicious M&S February 05, 2011
To "Skrimp" is to save money. Skrimping is to spell the smallest of small ammounts, 'skrimping for every penny', usually when you're saving for something.
A) You coming out tonight bruv, it's my birthday!
B) Sorry blood, I'm skrimping.
A) Ah. :
by Russell Bishop February 27, 2007
Has many definitions:

1. A hot girl
"wow thats a fine skrimp"

2. Beer or alcohol
"you guys wanna skrimp it tonight"

and many others that i dont feel like telling you....bitch
by Gunz August 31, 2003

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