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When at a music festival, one band overpowers another band from another stage.

Originating from Gillian Welch's performance at Austin City Limits Music Festival where Skrillex was playing at a nearby stage and overpowered her acoustic folk with bass-heavy dubstep
"I'm glad you can hear me, I can't hear shit up here! We just got skrillexed"
by lild00t July 22, 2012
to be stuck, shortchanged or debilitated in some fashion
I was Skrillexed in the mall for five hours before someone picked me up.
by spin laden November 08, 2011
when a woman's genital area has been used so much that it hangs down low just like skrillex drops his bass.
Damn dude. i thought that bitch was hot until i found out that she was skrillexed.
by Jbro88 May 07, 2012