1. Work someone.
3. Outplay, show up, humiliate, juke.
3. Show unusual talent or skill. Thrill an audience.
"Im gonna skrill you on the court tonight. Ill juke you so hard you be five steps behind me"

"Its our 3 month anniversary. Im gonna skrill you in the bedroom tonight"
by joecacola January 31, 2005
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money; capital
Yo, I just got paid, so I got mad skrill!
by car car November 25, 2002
Money, dough, short for skrilla
I bet I could get hella skrill for all that shit I jacked last week.
by SmoovT July 25, 2004
A word that can be used in place of cash, dole, or money.
Dayam' I aint got enuf SKRILLS fo dat Forty!
by E-funk July 15, 2004
1. A variation of the word 'skills', whther it be involved in sports, love-life, or games.

2. Another term for cash, money, etc.
1. You can't take me on the court! You got no skrills!

2. Eh, could I borrow some skrills from you?
by Dre February 11, 2005
making money off of older women
i just made some skrill off of jean eves moms butt cheeks ya dig.
by Bella Fernandez's June 14, 2011
A name given to Skrillex
Have you heard Skrill's new song?
Yeah i love it!
by SkrillexFanHiyy February 18, 2012

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