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Means to scream, cry, etc. Spoken mainly by those in the north of England. It actually originated from old Norse.
"Quit yer skriking!"
by Chris Done September 07, 2006
To cry. An onomatopoeic word that describes an irritating crying that gets on your nerves.
For gods sake stop skriking....You're doing me head in.
by KLKat August 07, 2006
to dramatically cry/scream about something that does not merit this type of response.
''It's only a popped balloon, what you skriking for?''
by MineTurtle12 May 01, 2016
A word mostly used in northern England meaning to wail, scream and cry. It has ties with norse words such as the swedish "Skrika".
Stop skriking and get back up the chimney ye li'l shit
by Zeeeky August 29, 2016
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