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You know, the chicken had to walk across the skreet to get to the other side...
by Lori Lynn September 14, 2008
9 26
1) Ghetto-slang for "street"
2) Ghetto-slang abbreviation for "discreet"
I totally fucked this fat chick on the skreet-skreet.
by Smeagollum June 01, 2007
12 33
a word used to make the sound of a car turning
imagine i was turning left and the whole turn i was going "SKREET"
by AUD Matel May 17, 2008
4 27
1.A term of enthusiasm, often used after a sentence showing self-exaltation.
2.A mix of "skeet" and "reet."
3.A derivitive of the term "Reet" originating from a song by the artist "Job for a Cowboy" in which the vocalist makes a guttural sound that is similar to "reet" or "breet"
Synonyms: Woot, reet
Wow we just score a touchdown! Yeah, yeah! SKREET!
by Shermster January 10, 2008
2 25
The way that you walk when your balls are to the wall.
"I skreeted along, balls-to-the-wall."
by Derek August 30, 2004
13 47