A cheap and nasty Lager of 3.2% abv.
LAD A: " want a can? "
LAD B: " go ed then, I need a hair of the dog "
LAD A: " get your mouth round this bad boy "
(produces a can of Skol)
LAD B: " you can go & get fucked, I thought you were a mate, thats us finished I'm off down the Gauntlet "
by John Gaskell March 21, 2004
Top Definition
Scandinavian toast "skol".
mate 1: Cheers, Mate!

mate 2: Skol!
by goooguu January 28, 2009
A horrid excuse for vodka. Also the cheapest vodka money can buy. One average size bottle can go for an average of ten bucks. Tastes horrible with or without a chaser. Popular with teenagers since it's all they can afford.
Person one: check it out, I got some vodka!
Person two: Gimme some! (spits out vodka) What is that shit!?
Person one: Skol-that's all I could afford.
by Michelle_W June 06, 2007
a person who says or does something so stupid where the normal terms can not be used
wow nick was being such a skol last night
by skolja boy October 19, 2009
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