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1. A small suburb in Il. located just north of Chicago. Part of cook county.
2. Also the name of a 1981 movie about KKK trying to march though the area’s heavily Jewish-holocaust-survivor populated area of the same namesake
3. briefly mentioned in the 1995 movie "The Usual Suspects"
4. loction for filming parts of many John Hughes films.
Hey, where are you from?
Skokie, IL.
by Beth Rheinstrom May 04, 2005
City in Illinois from which you should never date women.
Yuri: Yo! I met this fine ass girl!
Pavel: Where she from?
Yuri: Skokie
Pavel: F*%&! THAT BITCH!!!
by ConstructionPavel September 07, 2008
A suburb of Chicago located just to the west of Evanston and North of Lincolnwood. It is a very uninteresting place with nothing to do. The two high schools there are pretty boring. The streets are raggidy as hell. The only two types of girls to choose from is a druggie or a preppy cheerleader. The only good thing about Skokie is the close location to Chicago.
"Damn, Skokie is boring. At least Chicago is not far"
by 499587 November 23, 2006
Meaning trashy, malmannered, sleezy, easy, or slutty.

Someone that is oblivious to the fact that they are trashy or malmannered.
That girl is a Skokie, she never relizes what she does.
by Mr. Oh So Fresh October 18, 2012
Describes the act of taking or making an extremely smelly and gross shit similar in smell to the town Skokie, IL.
I'm taking a skokie right now.
by Susie Mccutchans December 02, 2006
1) A female who is skanky and yet also smokin' at the same time, thus drawing one into an equal amount of disgust and titillation. (Combination of the words skanky and smokin') See also Christina Aguilera.

Word Origin: Skokie, IL
Guy 1: Damn, she fine!
Guy 2: Ehh...she's kinda skokie.
by Matt January 14, 2005
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