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the process of using Skype to smoke with someone who is not in the same room as you.
Ryan and I have a skoke date later tonight.
by Scoot Dogg October 07, 2010
A form of currency.
Hey man I don't get paid until Friday, could you lend me some skokes?
by Mr.Mids September 28, 2010
A pop-punk, punk, ska band based in MoCo that works hard to get gigs.
Colin: Hey are you going to that abnds Skoke show?
Jesse: Yeah man there phat.
by Billy December 27, 2003
When you leave someone or something out. (For example, You don't invite someone to an event/party).
I got skoked from the party last night. I heard it was pretty lit.
by shanestotle June 14, 2016
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