evolution of scooch.


1.) to move, usually used in the command form. "yo can you skoach out of the way."

2.) to win, "yo remeber when we played halo against those n00bs? we skoached them out.

3.) it is everything but its nothing.

see also: skanchskloop
Friend a: these n00bs think they can r0xxer us in halo.
Friend b: ok lets skoach it out

"oh man i totally got skoached."
by Jack Skirianos December 02, 2004
Top Definition
To move something a tiny distance.

Move the car up a skoach.
by Tom Diack August 06, 2006
Between a small amount and half way
"Can you pour me a skoach of that?"

"Can i just get a skoach of that shot I don't want to get too faded tonight."
by NikkiBunny May 18, 2009
any thing that is a roach and a skank... put together.

or any thing that is basically not liked that goes to warrensburg-latham highschool. *warrensburg, illinois*
hey SKOACH!! shut up.
by queen bitch. April 22, 2004
1. (v) to steal; to swipe; the five finger discount
Oh dude, nice job skoaching that drink!
by Pyro35 May 05, 2006
anybody with the last name nailer (toni)
Toni is such a skoach.
by Bunnyface June 21, 2004
when nasty girls have a stank to them. when a girl (toni nailer) wheres clothes to tight to were it looks like she cant breath and all the excess air is commin out her ass. she walks with her boobs hangin out and her ass stickin out you walk bye her and to see her you rather gouge your eyes out she is a nasty whore that leads guys on and shows them her stretchmark boobs that hang out every which way
toni nailer is sucha nasty skoach
by comment Queen June 21, 2004

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