A combination of the words "skatepark" and "hoe". Mostly preteen-teen girls that hang around the skatepark. Usually just looking for someone to have sex with, they try to be "with it" by fake-smoking cigarettes, wearing slutty attire, and having no moral values with their sexuality. See also: Ramp Tramp
That sko just walked in front of everyone trying to do something productive. Doesnt she realize shes not inhaleing on that cig?
by Mikejohnh June 20, 2007
Once said by Shanda Knipe.
"Skank" and "Ho" put together.
Dannie, you are such a sko.
by Dannie Sherrick April 22, 2005
A person of color. The color black. Can also be combined with other words to specify that it pertains to a black person, ex:

Sko + hobo = skobo

Derived from the residential communtiy "Haggin Oaks", which becomes "Skao Niggah" when spelled backwards. The A in "Skao" was dropped to make it more pronouncable.

Can also be used as a greeting.
Formal: "Dat Wezley Snipes is pritty damn sko"

Hybrid: "Mah Skonar is goin off" (sko + sonar)

Greeting: "Sko", "Sko niggah!"
by Trevor March 15, 2005

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