Pretty much whatever you want it to mean, it's an on going joke to trick people into believing that their is something on their shoe, face, clothes, or any other place on the body.
Good lord! There's skizzle all over your face.
by Skizzlemasta October 07, 2003
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Friend, Partner, or Accomplice
You my skizzle, dawg. I'm just hangin' wit my skizzles.
by Gump October 21, 2004
Plural form of "skizzle". Both forms already defined under "skizzle".

Friend, Partner, or Accomplice
From "skizzle":

You my skizzle, dawg. I'm just hangin' wit my skizzles.
by SKIZZLE! August 02, 2005
a slut who has no shame and does sexual things in public
omg look at that skizzle! she has no self respect
by yoshigirlyeah March 12, 2012
Mad skills; or as referring to having great talents.
That girl has mad SKIZZLES in math.
He has mad SKIZZLES in acing tests.
by Cheyley December 23, 2006
mad skills on video games
man you got some skizzles on san andreas
by masta s July 12, 2005
People who are from liverpool (scousers)
Skizzles on Tizzle (Scousers on Tour)
Look at that skizzle, isn't he propa mad!
by Jay_90_08 June 19, 2008
Pretty much anything you want it to mean... a compiliment or an insult.
Youre such a skizzle
you have skizzle on youre face and you love it
by skizz1500 April 13, 2008

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