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This word has SEVERAL definitions

1. A British form of ninepins, in which a wooden disk or ball is thrown to knock down the pins.

2. One of the pins used in the british ninepin game, skittles.

3. Another insulting name for a homosexual

4. Another name (or abrreviation) for a skitsofrenic

5. A really awesome way to say "cool" or "awesome" (this usage of this word is mostly native to Southern California)

1. How bout' we have a game of skittles?

2. There are nine skittles in this game (hence the name "ninepins")

3. Go taste the rainbow you fricken skittle!

4. Is that guy talking to himself? He must be a skittle!
5. Oh my gosh! Brandons new guitar is sooo skittle!
by Nicolethe14 February 17, 2006
7 11
Slang for condoms.
"Do you have any skittles?"
by Cyan1deSandwich September 25, 2011
7 9
An underage scene queen. Often Jailbait. Called skittles because they're small and their clothes are very colorful.
Check out the look on Josh's face! Those skittles are all over him and they're like 10 years younger than him!!!
by xtankgirlx October 15, 2009
7 9
like a pill to get you high
SHAWTY-LO:No one but two all I needed was a skittle
by koolademan November 30, 2007
20 22
Travon Martin's weapon of choice.
Travon brought his skittles to the fight against Zimmerman.
by Selene_kitty_cow July 13, 2013
0 3
Birth-Control Pills
Don't forget to take your skittles!
by Pacie June 14, 2011
1 4
When a girls nipples are hard and show through her shirt.
Damn, look at the skittles on that girl.
by archie_ball_10 November 19, 2010
5 8
The word Skittles is an adjective that is often used when referring to the most adorable cat in the world. This type of cat is known for its love of Eskimo kisses and cuddling.
Brother: Wow, your cat is really cute.

Sister: Yeah, she's very skittles.
by Skittlededo November 04, 2010
4 7