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The equivalent of pissing shit out of your anus. For the everyday yuppie, it is more commonly known as diarrhea. For those who prefer more spice in their everyday chit-chat, it is known as the Hershey Squirts.

--Can be caused by consuming large amounts of fresh fruit or fruit juice.

Q: Why would fresh fruit cause the skitters?

A: Well, the juices found in fresh fruit contain sorbitol, which is a nondigestible kind of sugar. Large amounts of this sorbitol cause the body to attempt to dilute the sugar by bringing water from the bloodstream into the intestine. This causes your fecal matter to be more liquid in substance and form, which is in turn why one hears an interesting squishy noise when one accidently sharts. This is pretty much the reason prune juice is so flippin' awesome!

It is suggested that one's everyday diet does NOT NOT (uh-oh, a double negative) NOT (*fixed) consist entirely of fresh fruit or fruit juice.
I 'et too menny peaches and now I've got teh skitters!
by Messy Bumm July 03, 2005
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piss off you wee skitter, I've got the skitters!
by beef curtains April 18, 2003
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to move around rapidly,to scurry or scamper
The Kitten skittered about as it batted at the paper ball. (example of skitter)
by The Return of Light Joker September 27, 2009
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To slide in an uncontroled way, usually as the result of an accident. Often, but not always used with reference to an inanimate object.

A small object accidentally kicked whle resting on a tiled floor might 'skitter' across the tiles.

Supposedly from skite, itself derived from old norse skjóta meaning shoot, as opposed to the other skite derived from skíta meaning shite. (Hence it's other common meaning!)
The hub-cap slid and skittered across the cobbled street, and disapeared through the broken storm drain grating.
by gnord August 06, 2007
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Pikey, Bin Skiv, Gypsy
SKIT v - to skit, to look for objects of worth on the floor/bin

by Claret Badger October 15, 2003
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Small breasts on a woman. Bastardization of Mosquito Bite Boobs.
Man, check out the skitters on that model. Hells ya, I love a small rack like that, son.
by Sandiego Gammel March 17, 2006
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Also see Chav... person who only associates with people of their own kind and hangs around in groups at bus stops, harassing people for cigarettes or money. Fears anyone who looks and acts different and must therefore mock and ridicule in a very crude fashion. Has not the mental capacity to question life or existence so must resort to shouting, violence or buying bling from the exotic Elizabeth Duke collection at Argos. A person you want to be life long friends with, immediately...
(Skitter) - "Gi's a fag"

(Person) - "Sorry, I don't smoke."

(Skitter) - "Wot the f**k you doing you stupid c**t... f**kin w**ker. You f**kin look at me again and I'll beat your f**king face in... c**t..."

(Person) - "I think I'll walk instead"...
by SuzieWong September 06, 2008
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