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A person, place, or thing...A shady female...
"She is all skit"

"You no a Skit?"

by J. Houston August 18, 2007
4 14
swedish word for shit
Helvetes jävla skit bög jävel...

damn fucking gay...damn it

by mark Gilchrist April 24, 2007
64 74
variation on the wor sket
you're such a skit!
by sputnik3000 June 04, 2005
6 16
Having the ability to piss ones feaces out of the arse hole. Most of the time backed with tremendous power, having the "skits" can damage not only the sufferer but also the surrounding environment. Skits waits for no man (woman), when it arrives it requires no introduction and you have no choice. RUN or shit yourself in public...
Oh man ive got the skits real bad!!

I had to incinerate some of my clothing yesterday as the skits took me unawares.

In the developed world 2 human beings die of the skits every 5.4 seconds.
by john,stirling November 27, 2007
9 20
someone you hate, your gunna kick his ass. thinks he's tough. un guillao. buster, sucker, a mark
i'm gunna kick that skit karl's ass tomorrow
by Dj Astudillo October 19, 2006
5 16
verb: past-tense form of the verb skeet, used to say a sexual encounter that occured in the past.
He skit in her face last night! Man, he owned her face. It was covered in sperm.
by IVES 1337 October 24, 2006
12 27
Where homegrown groups act out a short film, then later edit it and release it on to their website and forum.
Nigel : "Hey, have you seen the new skit on www.scumvideos.co.uk?"
Dennis : "Yeah man, the acting was awesome"
Michael Moody : "Lets scam them for money!"
by Sam Evans September 17, 2005
2 23