v. to make fun off someone. Slang term commonly used in the Liverpool area of UK, meaning to make fun off, to take the micky of someone.
You skitting me or what?
Stop skitting me.
by rayboy February 27, 2005
A commonly used acronym that stands for scene kid in training. Basically anyone who trys to be a scene kid, but is not completely there yet.
Wow! John is growing his hair out and dying it black. The kid is still a s.k.i.t. because he is not fully scene yet.
#scene #scene kid #emo #emo kid #emotional
by vettekid May 07, 2006
continues lies
Me: u got some weed son
Skiter; yea son i got pounds, if u com threw i give u a ounce
arrvie at their house
Me: where da weed at son
Skiter; man i ran out, but my nigga got some, let me call them
Me: u b pullin skits son fuck u!
#lyer #pussy #facker #snitch #bitch
by CameoCargo November 02, 2010
When someone is so scene, that scene doesn't describe them well enough; they are known as a skit. Also; act, improv, play, or open-mic night.

A skit will:
- Typically never flinch, no matter how much you try.

- Deny that they are skit / scene, no matter how many times you claim they are.

- Be the only one skipping and dancing in a large group of people.

- Wear multiple necklaces and have piercings.

- Have multi-coloured hair.

- Don't like The Beatles.

- Have a random word in the middle of their name on Facebook.

- Have "❒ Taken ❒ Single ✔ Playing Pokemon :3" on their info on Facebook.

and many more.

These are just simple traits of a skit to help you point them out.
Kid 1: Dude, that girl is so scene, I saw her in my scene selection..

Kid 2: No dude, that girl is a skit.

Kid 1: Oh, you're right.. look at her facebook profile; and I did notice she never flinches.
#scene #act #improv #play #open-mic night #facebook #the beatles
by AdamSurfsUp January 22, 2011
Skit is meant to poke fun at a person when they make a mistake, such as falling over or cocking something up.
Person 1: *falls over*
Person 2: Skit on you!
#skit #skitt #skkit #skiit #gutted
by shadedify June 25, 2009
"skit"(verb) "skited"(past tense) "skitting" (continuous) A slang created in which it means "ignore".
I was skit by my girlfriend today. I think she hates me.

I was skitting this chick for the whole day but she still wont leave me alone.
#ignore #disregard #snub #cut #reject
by 0mikey0 May 18, 2009
1. (n) a bathing suit and/or an article of clothing usually worn in the water.

2. (v) the act of wearing such an article
Guy 1: Yo man i love that skit.
Guy 2: Thanks bro, went to the beach and tried it out with the ladies yesterday!
#skit #skitting #bathing-suit #suit #water
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