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continues lies
Me: u got some weed son
Skiter; yea son i got pounds, if u com threw i give u a ounce
arrvie at their house
Me: where da weed at son
Skiter; man i ran out, but my nigga got some, let me call them
Me: u b pullin skits son fuck u!
by CameoCargo November 02, 2010
1. (n) a bathing suit and/or an article of clothing usually worn in the water.

2. (v) the act of wearing such an article
Guy 1: Yo man i love that skit.
Guy 2: Thanks bro, went to the beach and tried it out with the ladies yesterday!
When someone is so scene, that scene doesn't describe them well enough; they are known as a skit. Also; act, improv, play, or open-mic night.

A skit will:
- Typically never flinch, no matter how much you try.

- Deny that they are skit / scene, no matter how many times you claim they are.

- Be the only one skipping and dancing in a large group of people.

- Wear multiple necklaces and have piercings.

- Have multi-coloured hair.

- Don't like The Beatles.

- Have a random word in the middle of their name on Facebook.

- Have "❒ Taken ❒ Single ✔ Playing Pokemon :3" on their info on Facebook.

and many more.

These are just simple traits of a skit to help you point them out.
Kid 1: Dude, that girl is so scene, I saw her in my scene selection..

Kid 2: No dude, that girl is a skit.

Kid 1: Oh, you're right.. look at her facebook profile; and I did notice she never flinches.
by AdamSurfsUp January 22, 2011
Acronym for SKank-In-Training. Common reference to 12-16 yr olds dressed akin to promiscuous pop-tarts. A group of skits can be referred as a pack of skittles.
How do parents let her dress like that? She's dressing like a skit.
by Jorge Noah Webster August 26, 2009
Skit is meant to poke fun at a person when they make a mistake, such as falling over or cocking something up.
Person 1: *falls over*
Person 2: Skit on you!
by shadedify June 25, 2009
So Keep In Touch
Hey, nice talking to you, SKIT
by MicroDaryl January 19, 2012
"skit"(verb) "skited"(past tense) "skitting" (continuous) A slang created in which it means "ignore".
I was skit by my girlfriend today. I think she hates me.

I was skitting this chick for the whole day but she still wont leave me alone.
by 0mikey0 May 18, 2009