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someone who flounces around art wankers, usually an art student with low self esteem , trying to get pantsy in order to attain some kind of delluded recognition in their ( usually ) local art scene.
Mary : " Hey! why is Nancy hanging around that ugly old man, and should we tell her that her glass is empty and the wine is about to run out..?"
Tina " Oh thats blah blah blah .....He is the Blah blah blah of the blah blah ...i think he is involved with the blah down at blah..........."
Nancy : "BLAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"
Mary: "Oh what a total skirty"
by Doctor mow mow November 07, 2011
skanky and dirty combined.
that jessica is so skirty!
by sareezy March 20, 2008