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n. lesbian or bisexual girl. a female who lifts other females' skirts.
girl to guy hitting on her at pub: sorry, you've got the wrong equipment. i'm a skirtlifter.
by Amy Christ November 19, 2007
A meal prepared (or bought) by a man that is so delicious and satisfying that the woman he is with lifts her skirt in thanks.
"Last night, I grilled a steak and topped it with bleu cheese, fresh asparagus on the side, and cracked open a bottle of Pinot noir. Elizabeth loved was a skirt lifter."
by Mr. Fantastic 69 September 25, 2013
Geocaching term for a cache hidden under an outdoor parking lot sheet metal lighting skirt.
Joe: I can't find the cache at the library parking lot. Fred: It's a skirt lifter. Joe: Oh, I didn't look there.
by daveped October 30, 2011
A hetrosexual male. The opposite of a shirt lifter.
I used to think that boy over there was a shirt lifter but turns out he's a skirt lifter
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
it means someone who likes girls in a sexual way and is a lesbian
lewis: dude u were soo checkin out that girl
Cj: damn right she was hot
lewis: damn u are such a skirt lifter
by Chimeroo June 30, 2009
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