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a fag, pussy, or bitch
- "why must you always talk about breasts and viginas, cant you like a girl for her personality?"
-"wow, you are such a fuckin' skirt"
by seagargwt February 25, 2006
12 23
An insult referring to a female who embodies the characteristics of a hippo, forest giraffe or larger sized hairless cat.
Don't be such a stupid skirt.
by Jebbahnarry May 16, 2006
3 15
A lesbian's cover-up boyfriend. See also beard.
Lisa is such a dyke, it's obvious that her boyfriend is just her skirt.
by not a caker yo March 23, 2004
9 21
To cause a tires to spin, esp. in cars. Also see PEEL OUT.
Them fools was lockin' it up and skirtin' out!
by Cosmic Truckaz October 16, 2003
5 17
emergency umbrella, just be sure to use a rounded stick
While walking with my girlfriend to the movies it began to pour. I had no umbrella, but my girlfriend was wearing a skirt and I happened to have a baseball bat handy. My arms were sour, but my hair was still sharp.
by alpot April 10, 2006
5 18
See da skirt would love to get that one
by jim July 17, 2003
4 17
equal parts rasberry vodka, redbull, pineapple juice. in pint galss over ice.
holy fuck i'm wasted off these skirts.
by nignig December 19, 2005
0 14