the poop smear left in a toilet after it's been flushed.
Someone left a nasty skippy in the handicap stall.
by Sven Golly July 23, 2012
Top Definition
To be right on something or to say i heard you on that one. Usually said as DAMN SKIPPY.
I think your boyfriend is hot!
by Amy November 26, 2003
A mixed alcoholic beverage made of beer, vodka, and country time lemonade. Usually consumed at parties, much like a keg of beer or a bucket of jungle juice.

30 cans of Beer
1 handle (750ml) of Vodka
1 can of Country Time Lemonade mix
Dude 1: "Yo, I heard Nick is having a party tonight"
Dude 2: "Yeah dude, he's making Skippy. We're gonna get smashed."
by NG $tyleZ March 07, 2008
Any misguided individual who is in blatant denial and/or so completely deluded as to be completely beyond reasoning with. Sometimes used to address just any hapless individual.
Statement: "I don't care what anyone says! I'm still right!"

Response: "Yeah... You just keep telling yourself that, Skippy."
by Keepin' It Real July 11, 2004
A slash fanfiction pairing, known as SKIPPY. It is Kevin Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers) and Mike Carden (of The Academy Is...). The Pairing was made popular, or invented, by author skoosipants on Livejournal. Skippy currently has an entire community, with a rather large fanbase, dedicated to them called 'so damn skippy' on Livejournal.
person 1: so, you're into slash fanfiction, too? who's your OTP?

person 2: SKIPPY!!

person 1: who's skippy?

person 2: Mike Carden and Kevin Jonas, DUH!
by Rawqkstahhr June 27, 2010
Skippies is a great tasting cheap way to get a whole party drunk.
What you need:

1 Gatorade Cooler
1 Bag Ice
1 Case of Cheap Beer
2 Containers Powder Lemonade Mix
1 Handle Strong Vodka

Mix the Beer and Vodka together in the cooler. Then add the lemonade mix until you reach desired flavor. Add the ice to the cooler to keep cool for a long night of partying.
The drink of choice on senior week is skippies.
by Tom Starrs July 07, 2008
lebanese/greek/etc-australian term for anglo-australians. derived from 1970s children's television program featuring a kangaroo of the same name. may be either merely descriptive or an insult, depending on context. a form of linguistic retaliation against the anglo-australian use of the word "wog" in reference to immigrants of medeteranian heratige. sometimes shortened to "skip".
nah, mate, he's a skippy.
by Anonymous September 29, 2003
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