Derogative term sometimes used by the oppressive to slander an individual who finds benefit in recycling.
A 'skiprat' walks past a skip at the side of the kerb.

He/she notices somthing they may find useful in thier everday life. For example a piece up ducting that can be used to vent the heat in thier PC by venting circulated airflow to the outside of thier home via a fan system.

Onlookers do not see the reasoning behind the percieved 'theft' of what is essentially a bit of rubbish that will be buried somewhere and add to landfills. So the game begins, the slander starts and the potential for violence in this situation is initiated.
by Hotornot August 03, 2005
Top Definition
a person normally clad in addidas extra stripe (or addidas miss a stripe) whom forages in skips looking for discarded items to sell.also a derogatory term for any bitch that looks like a proper minger
why dont u fuck off you skip rat.
by hoggy July 15, 2003
One who burrows through the discarded debris in a skip, looking for items which may still be of value and/or useful to said skiprat. Much like a modern day Womble. Needless to say, such activity is viewed as "a bit pikey" by the average man on the street, who prefers his kitchen sink to come from a more reputable source.
Janet: Bollocks, a load of stuffs fallen out...
John: yeah, a skiprat's been at it

Shouted from a moving vehicle: "SKIPRAT!"
by Putt July 26, 2005
a person who spends their time searching skips or rubbish tips for any discarded items that they can scrounge
"check the little skip rat scurrying abbout in that large metal bin!!!"
by Gina.c January 18, 2007
Skip Rat: a derogatory term and classist stereotype, which is used very broadly and mostly inaccurately used to describe rural, and/or poverty class individuals.
That family are a bunch of skip rats!
by jimmi2toes December 08, 2007
Another word for a chav/townie etc, more offensive
get the fuck away, you skiprat twat.
by steve August 22, 2004
is a desciding word of a scuffy lowlife kind off person someone who smells and takes no pride in his/her appearence scruffy, tatty, dirty, scum,
look at the state of that skiprat he be drinkin 6 cans in the mornin
by jon bag June 09, 2007
the Britsh equivalent to American 'trailer trash'
a skiprat is someone who lives off of favours from other people, never getting anywhere in life on their own, they are those who think the world owes them a living, all take and no give.
skiprat - can i borrow (x), can you give me a lift, can you lend me money and they never offer as much as a thank you or return favours
by Kat2009 March 03, 2009
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