the secret ring of flesh that comes out from inside your ass and hugs your turd goodbye.
1) My skin tube got kinda torn and bloody after i ate all that fiber and meat. It hurts right now.
2) I want to pierce my skin tube. How much will it cost? ; )
by Timothy Tool July 11, 2004
Top Definition
dick, penis, cock, wang, boner, peter, purple-headed yogurt flinger, jimmy, wiener, dong, pecker, tubesteak, pole, man meat, one eyed snake, etc. etc.
Shelly scoffed when I told her I was in need of another travel sized bottle of cocoa butter lotion for the hygenic care of my skintube.
by Mister Sister McBlister April 07, 2011
Slang for anyone who's a human. Mostly used by non-humans who tend not to have skin.
Hey, skin tube! Clean up my shit!"
by wiggum_P.I March 23, 2004

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