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dick, penis, cock, wang, boner, peter, purple-headed yogurt flinger, jimmy, wiener, dong, pecker, tubesteak, pole, man meat, one eyed snake, etc. etc.
Shelly scoffed when I told her I was in need of another travel sized bottle of cocoa butter lotion for the hygenic care of my skintube.
by Mister Sister McBlister April 07, 2011
the secret ring of flesh that comes out from inside your ass and hugs your turd goodbye.
1) My skin tube got kinda torn and bloody after i ate all that fiber and meat. It hurts right now.
2) I want to pierce my skin tube. How much will it cost? ; )
by Timothy Tool July 11, 2004
Slang for anyone who's a human. Mostly used by non-humans who tend not to have skin.
Hey, skin tube! Clean up my shit!"
by wiggum_P.I March 23, 2004

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