shortened version of swift kick in nuts
If you don't shutup i will s.k.i.n. you!
by penis kicker March 06, 2006
a girl or a boy who looks good , very attractive
omg , shes a SKINNNNN !
by HUgucci May 05, 2011
A person of hispanic decent. The name is derived from two sources. 1)short for meskin. 2)a reference to some skins' favorite pastime, pulling their foreskin back while masturbating.
White guy 1:Hey look at that fat skin over there. He's pulling his skin back. Thumbs up!

White guy 2: Oh.
by Tremendous July 14, 2009
a native american person is known as a skin
whats crackin skin
by Darren September 02, 2003
Get any skins last night?
by heezy July 29, 2003
Another painful show to watch that dumbs down MTV to a whole new level of dumb.
I am only ten minutes into the season premier of Skins and it is already the stupidest show I've ever seen.

Some douchebag- "Hey nips can you take my friends virginity today?"

Slutty teenage girl- "Yeah only if he gets us an oz. of weed."
by whereismypuke January 17, 2011
a slang definition of a person of Native American descent when used by another person of Native American descent.
I was very happy to see another "skin" in the crowd of all white faces.
by nishnabe June 04, 2005

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