another name for the foreskin on the penis a person with an uncircumsized penis
Isaiah:hey i heard ryans got the skin? is that true
Cassie: yea it is its soo fuckin gross
by j-ron November 18, 2007
The outer layer of your body. A napkin, rolling paperfor cigarettes, that nasty layer round the tip of your dick.-------A man known to his friends as skin.
I need a skin to roll a spleef! nathan's face looks like a bad case of the skin! Ronnie at HOP's is known to all of his friends as "SKIN".
by coastworm October 31, 2003
slang for skinheads
watch out for those guys they are a bunch of skins
by solminator October 06, 2011
Another word for a sexy person
The word Win also means the same thing.
Jessica:Kenny lookin like some skin
by cookies222222 March 06, 2011
(n.) The British television show Skins
(adj.) to be sexy, wild, or somehow alike to the TV show
Sorry you aren't as skins as me. I go so hard.
by Nora is too cool February 21, 2011
1. A commonly used, extremely comfy fabric that makes the very best clothing; Sunday best.

2. A highly desirable material that can serve for almost any purpose

3. A delicious snack or addition to any meal. Has every vitamin ever known and gives you a thirty minute orgasm when your tongue comes in contact with the godly substance.

4. A verb, adjective, noun, pronoun, conjunction, or any other form of English. Can use as a comeback, defeating anything that was previously said. Yelling SKIN every now and then is always appropriate and extremely healthy, spices up any conversation.
-Hey Hannibal! Where did you get that nice suit?
-I want to wear your skin.

-Hey, can I try some of that?
-Wow! Thats one bitching snack!

-Your a fag!
- ... im gonna wear your SKIN
-holy shit! I'm outta here! *cries like shelby whenever anything doesn't go her way*
by Matt Kotecki April 25, 2008
shortened version of swift kick in nuts
If you don't shutup i will s.k.i.n. you!
by penis kicker March 06, 2006
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