A verb whereby if one is to 'skin' he/she is producing a convincing fact or answer to a question that nobody else knows when in fact it is wrong. A 'skin' is given with enough conviction so that it can not be questioned without conducting further research on the 'skin'.
Thats not right, that is a skin!
by Uncle Whuts June 11, 2011
Skin The act of having sex. Sexual Body Part of the Female body. The way the real boys from Statesboro Do it!
Hey Josh did you "skin" that girl last?
Harley did you get them skins?
by Skinibal Lecter April 09, 2007
To dribble past an opponent in a game of football.(soccer) Generally implies the ease with which this is done.
'That left back is so shit, just skin him whenever you get a chance.'
by Ali.00 March 01, 2006
The act of pulling on the skin on the back of ones neck. Pinching this skin and saying "SKIN!" results in a comedic reaction and possibly a broken nose.
-"Go skin Blake! Just do it dude!"

-"If you touch me again I'm going to skin to so hard that you die."

-"I bet you'd like to skin her lunt !
by Tristan_L December 22, 2012
- A British teen drama show shown on the channel E4

- An American/Canadian remake of the E4 British teen Drama of the same name

- Papers for a joint

- Another word for spliff
- (two British teens) British kid 1. "Bollocks! Did you see Skins last night?" British kid 2. "Yes, you twat! It was epic!"

- American kid 1. "Did you see Skins on MTV last night?" American kid 2. "Fuck, yes! It was awesome!"

- "Do we have anymore Skins?"

- "Let's light this skins and smoke a spliff
by jinglehell April 10, 2011
(adj.) to party hard to the point of being like people on Skins
(n.) British television show
They all had a massive orgy and passed out. It was so skins.
by Nora OMYGOSH March 20, 2011
'Skin' is an individual who has one of the following traits:
- absense of pubic hair (underarm hair included)
- high pitched annoying voice
- light blonde hair
- unusually small body
- generally quite annoying like a bad smell
- any conversational input usually leads to cringing and awkwardness

Although generally used as a derogatory curse word/payout, we still value our skins. they play an important role in our society.
dan evans is a skin
by mr. colour blind December 03, 2009

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