A slang term for a naked person, usually used in sexual innuendos.
When you gonna give me them skins?
by XHolyPuffX September 13, 2010
In computer and console games, slang for a (usually downloadable) texture - occasionally accompanied by a 3D model - that will replace one in the game for aesthetic purposes.

Also: Skinner (One who skins), Skinning (The process of creating skins)
"I downloaded a skin that changes the main character into the president."
by Taximes April 11, 2004
british tv show
skins is the reason why i live!
by brccchild September 25, 2009
The teen drama which appears to have taken British television by storm.
The show follows the lives of the characters:

Tony, the popular, confident, 'hit with the ladies' boy.

Sid, Tony's best friend, and who is also in love with Tony's girlfriend. He's often left in Tony's shadow.

Chris, he's in love with their psychology teacher and generally enjoys excitement. Has a tendency not to think everything through before he does it.

Michelle, Tony's not so happily ever after girlfriend. She gives a lot more love than she receives.

Maxxie, a homosexual, he's not ashamed of his sexuality, and neither are his friends, apart from Anwar.

Anwar, is Maxxie's best friend, although he believes homosexuality is wrong. He has a strong like for women.

Jal, a very intelligent and financially comfortable girl who's mother died and lives in a very musical family, playing clarinet herself.

Cassie, an anorexic girl who is deeply in love with Sid, despite knowing he's in love with Michelle.

Effy, Tony's sister, she very rarely speaks, and it's mentioned the only one she can really feel comfortable around is her brother Tony.

Note: these character descriptions were formed from the first series alone.

The show itself shows the highs and lows of each character, as they fall in and out of love, drugs and friendship.

At first I didn't think it would be worth watching, hell, I was wrong~
Skins series 2 is now on TV!!!!

Shane Richie is also going to appear in the new series at some point as a teacher.
by Chew Valley School is fun February 15, 2008
Cute/sexy Person,
Another word for hunnie.
Michael is some skin
by b3214 December 28, 2010
Slang: Northwest England

Cigarette Paper, Manufactured usually by Rizla or Swan.

3 are usually put together to make a spliff and smoked to get stoned.

"Have you got any skins?"
by urban111 November 03, 2006
Used when refering to high fives. skin me
Give me some skin bro.
by Steve June 05, 2003
Also refers to seeing someone naked.
Dang, I need to see some skin - right now!
by lolOwl April 20, 2006
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