Pride or stakes in a matter, creating sensitivity or vulnerability.
"I don't care what he said about how I played, I don't have any skin in it."
by mmc November 26, 2005
'Skin' is an individual who has one of the following traits:
- absense of pubic hair (underarm hair included)
- high pitched annoying voice
- light blonde hair
- unusually small body
- generally quite annoying like a bad smell
- any conversational input usually leads to cringing and awkwardness

Although generally used as a derogatory curse word/payout, we still value our skins. they play an important role in our society.
dan evans is a skin
by mr. colour blind December 03, 2009
A term used to express how serious you are. Another word in place of "swear".
"Hey Amanda, did you see that girl that just walked by with seven toes?!"

"No way??!"

"SKIN!! She just passed us!!"
by Bankok October 30, 2013
A cute/sexy person
He some skin.
That girl is sum skin.
by iqettpaid November 02, 2011
Sexy person

Or well dressed good-looking person
Or many people as so
You some skin
I got mad skins

You want one of these skins
by The boy nelly May 02, 2011
another name for the foreskin on the penis a person with an uncircumsized penis
Isaiah:hey i heard ryans got the skin? is that true
Cassie: yea it is its soo fuckin gross
by j-ron November 18, 2007
To rob somebody and strip them of all their belongings.
Hey Jerry let's skin that nigga .
by saiint330 June 01, 2010

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