The tight as fuck fag pants that little swag loving butt fuckers wear errywhere. They look gay as fuck. They feel gay as fuck. They are gay as fuck. They crush ur nuts and make u look like a little bitch. If you are a real man, you will say fuck those gay, tight, nut crushing pants and wear ur clothes baggy and walk with a gangsta limp.
SWAG Fag: Man! My skinny jeans make me look so fuckin G!

Person 2: eh fam, u aint G, u prolly dunno what G even means. All im seein is a lil bitch nigga haha, eh cuz?

Person 3: Y'all redy fuckin kno eh! U aint no wicked nigga, we is, we wont be caught dead in skinny jeans, and we still walk around with a gangsta limp! Hahaha
by SketchXgangXFTB May 26, 2014
A trend, an overly popular trend. Skinny jeans (or skinnies) are usually worn by your modern trendwhore, scene kid, sk8r boi, or emo people. In my honest opinion, skinny jeans make girls with no ass look like they have one. Guys who wear skinny jeans usually look like anorexic little girls, with a presumably small penis.

People who say they wear skinny jeans because they are comfortable and cute are usually lying, because, they're wearing them because EVERYONE ELSE DOES.

Sane person: Please, go kill yourself, you brainless puppet.
by Sventevith August 23, 2010
A symbol for life as we are all trying to hard to fit in them
Life is like a pair of skinny jeans, we are all trying to hard to fit in to them
by Thebreakfastmenu April 02, 2015
1. Any jeans that cannot be put on with ease. If it takes more than 5 minutes to wiggle into a pair of jeans, they're skinny jeans.

2. Jeans guys shouldn't wear.
The boy came to school in skinny jeans one day and was rejected by all his friends. He then came to his senses and gave them back to his sister and never wore skinny jeans again.
by DRmastermind June 04, 2010
A new trend of jeans that are really skinny around the legs. They are falsely-associated with punks scene kids and skaters when reallly just about every guy wears them nowadays. Some men consider them gay.
Hey, that guy has skinny jeans, he must be a skater or a punk.
Naw, I have a pair and I don't skate.
by lightningtime January 08, 2010
1. Pants that no one can wear but try to anyhow, generally failing in the attempt.

2. Unbelievably small pants that emo/scene guys wear, making hundreds of girls drool and love them. Irrationally.
Girl #1: Oh my god, did you see that totally hot emo guy?

Girl #2: OMFG YES. Did you see? He was wearing skinny jeans!

Girl #1: He's sooo cute!!!
by Billy Spastic October 18, 2008
skinny jeans are jeans that are like reg at the top and start to get tinier and skinnier towards the bottom... in my opinion they are reall cute but on the right person i personally wouldnt wear it myself... it only looks good on peopl who wear them because they like them not because they are aloser and follow wherever the paradigm goes they are like followers if you wear them and make them your own they are really cute... but i stick w/regular jeans OH and they look really good w/chucks, flats, and heals last two for like the average person thats more preppy but yeah..
kid:i dont wears skinnies skinny jeans
kid:followers where them
other:callin me a foller
kid:no not you that other kid right there
by ♥xXx♥lavinia♥xXx♥ January 25, 2009
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