being not fat. being unfat. not having any fat on you.
some guy:woah look at Ashley Rosen
Kevin: ya i no dude she is soooo skinny. i cant believe how skinny she is. i just wanna hold her in my arms all day long.
by orange March 12, 2005
slang word for niggers in "black hawk down" because they were really malnourished
Skinnies on the rooftop! Get the .50 cal!
by Bob Johnson March 18, 2005
thin. what girls want to be. skinny doesn't mean fat. skinny people are different from normal, healthy sized people. guys are skinny, girls are not.

skinny defined in asia as "someone who lacks nutrients in foods they eat, they may not eat a lot/have anorexia, but eats a lot of junk; unhealthy/health problem VERY SERIOUS, needs to get fat/gain a lot of weight"

in western societies, skinny means "having the perfect sized, toned, legs with white thighs and skinny ankles."

i hate skinny people.
uhhhhh i think i just was hit by a mental disorder, thus i am skinny

skinny people are soo healthy i wish i were like them!

skinny people have tiny waists!

i was anorexic, i am no longer skinny

the medication i was put on made me naturally skinny. i hope i don't go back for more eatem's!

i hope you don't have a 'kinny metabolism!

someone told me they had a high metabo-lism. does that mean they're skinnier than ME?

she doesn't even know what "skinny" means!

you didn't know what skinny meant?
by kikyou June 15, 2008
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